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About Us:

Welcome to the about us page of SDB Designs.

Under stair doors with antique oak corbels

       White painted solid tulip wood under stair field and raised door with incorporated antique carved oak French corbels

About Us:

      We are a family run company with lots of different skills between us and that can cater from the early development of preparation of concept designs and possible ideas all the way through to the completed building. We can supply the interior and exterior of any home, work or play area to client’s exact tastes, however wonderful and delightful they can be, the customer in paramount in getting what they want with SDB Designs and builds basically it says it in the name really; we cater for all customers whims and make things especially for listed properties or sometimes modern homes. We are not stuck in one era with our designs it can be medieval architecture to modern architecture again depending on the client’s taste and preferences. As the owner of the company were apprenticed trained in medieval carpentry, joinery and building. This is where he began his career in the traditional way of heritage carpentry and also designing being trained in old school draughtsmanship hand drawing and him progressing later on doing an architect degree in which he excelled in 3D modelling, animation and CAD drawings so basically if it can be drawn it can be built by us. As you can see in the galleries pages what can be drawn, painted and sculpted by us as these are the families hobbies from the past and updated with the present. We look forward to hearing from you, with an exciting and hopefully challenging job either small or large. Please just send us an email with your details and enquiry and someone will get back to you ASAP, alternatively ring us however most of us will be in the workshop so please leave a message.

:   01422 618330

:   07859626580


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