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Guitar Portfolio:

Welcome the acoustic guitar gallery of SDB Designs.

Lead acoustic guitar designed by SDB Designs made by Sean Broadbent

Lead Acoustic Guitar

lead acoustic guitar by SDB Designs designed and made by Sean Broadbent. The picture is a link to close's ups of the lead acoustic please have a look

Dreadnought guitar by SDB Designs made by Sean Broadbent

Dreadnought Acoustic Guitar

This guitar was SDB designs latest guitar and made by Sean Broadbent, please click on the picture for more close up pictures.

Ebony inlay of dragon back guitar

Dragon Back Acoustic Guitar

This is an ongoing project that will be the next awesome new acoustic guitar designed by SDB Designs and made by Sean Broadbent. It has a dragon carved out of the back, it was originally going to be inlayed with ebony however with the new exciting colourful epoxy resin range we have today. The creator has changed his mind for the possibilities of epoxy resin that will bring the dragon to life.

First Acoustic guitar by Gary and Sean Broadbent out of bits and bobs lying around the workshop

First Lead Dreadnought Guitar

This was made by my brother and Sean Broadbent as an little experiment to see if we could make a guitar and after 10+ long years this baby is still going strong! Made from mahogany and tulip wood we had spare hanging around the workshop at that time back in 2007.

Guitar Portfolio:

      Welcome to SDB Designs acoustic guitar gallery with a few beautiful handmade guitars. We only began starting making them in 2007, after being trained in all aspects of medieval carpentry and restoration and every other aspects of the construction industry. SDB Designs needed another challenge and as Sean Broadbent [owner] and his brother are keen musicians as well, they decided to have a go at a new experiment of making a guitar. The first guitar was a lead guitar; neither of us owned a lead acoustic guitar. It was made out of tulip and mahogany, the spare timber we had around the workshop at that time. It was then Sean Broadbent who wanted to upgrade after seeing what was on the market and investigated suppliers and parts then started down the road of purchasing exotic hardwoods like ebony, Bubinga, Sitka spruce and blackwood. These are all from FSC timber approved stockist of course as sustainability is a valued part of SDB Designs.

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